Salut Montréal! F1 crosses the Atlantic

The Formula 1 circus this weekend finds itself in North America for the first of two races due to be held in the continent this season.

But this Grand Prix takes on a typically French flavour for the second race in succession, being held in the French-speaking Province of Québec.  Continue reading


Monaco: Post-race postcard

Not a dollar goes to waste in this place…

Fast cars, fast women, celebrities and crashes. All things that go hand-in-hand with Monaco, Formula 1’s most famous Grand Prix.

Our latest post-race postcard features not just the aforementioned drawcards, but people standing around waiting for rain, champagne, backflips, two flying cars and the top 6 bunched up at the finish. Yes, that’s right, there was a car race amongst all the glamour and excess.

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Umm of the month: losing control

Here at Formula Umm, we’re all about nonsense. If someone’s said something silly, chances are we’ve heard it. And then probably said something even sillier. But you can only be so silly. And when you pick on people’s silliness on a weekly basis, it can start to get mean. And we don’t want to pick on anybody.

But singling out an umm every week was starting to make it look like that — so we’ve decided to give everyone more time to practice and come up with a proper umm, hence increasing the prestige of this award. Continue reading

Race Cars 4 Dummies: Aerodynamics

Right, as F1 fans we’re pretty knowledgeable about racecraft, Formula 1 regulations, driver backstories and the race results for grand prix up to 25 years ago. But talking to a lot of fans, it’s become clear that many people don’t know what’s going on inside the vehicles. There’s a range of content on the net about the intricacies of a modern F1 car (including the amazingly wonderful scarbsf1), but most websites cater to fans who already know their way around a racecar. This new series of articles aims to give a basic overview of what’s going on in the car, and how the damn thing actually works.

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Can Monaco be made even safer?

Crashes. They can be, in controlled circumstances, a spectacular and undeniable guilty pleasure for many racing fans. But sometimes, as the glittering and colourful carbon-fibre shards flutter back down to Earth, we’re left with that horrible feeling.

On paper, the Monaco street circuit looks incapable of hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix. But such is its tradition, fame and prestige, the race is perhaps the one event Formula 1 could not afford to lose from the calendar.  Continue reading