Silverstone: Post-race postcard

Amidst the building excitement for the 2012 Summer Olympics, strawberries and cream at Wimbledon and the thought of a car race being held in the very centre of London, there was a very unglamourous Grand Prix happening just up the road in not-so-sunny Northamptonshire. Cue the jokes about the British summer because frankly, they’re just hilarious. 

And so it was the Great British Rain™ that dominated proceedings during the 2012 British Grand Prix weekend. Traffic, mud, damp clothes, unhappy spectators and Mexican waves were just some of the sideshows that kept everyone honest during 3 days of fun* at what was the home Grand Prix for most teams and a few drivers.

There were also brief periods of NOT RAIN where spectators were treated to the very thing they’d paid all the money to see. And although the 2012 British Grand Prix was not a classic race, there was a bit of drama…

Let us begin:

If we cast our eyes in a north-westerly direction and stop before falling off the map, we should notice patriotic smoking and a traffic jam; the latter of which became perhaps the biggest talking-point of the entire weekend after thousands of fans were urged not to attend on Saturday. It sounds odd because it is odd.

To the right there is a violent conflict erupting between two Latin-American nations. Wait, what? Wow, it really is, quite literally, Venezuela vs Mexico. Have we seen the end of this one? Let’s hope not.

As we continue our tour, you will notice Union Jack-ified Wellingtons amongst more splashing about being conducted by Formula 1 drivers. In case you hadn’t already guessed, it rained. A lot.

But by Sunday the weather Gods had forgiven rural England for trampling its own fields and to the disbelief of almost everyone, even the sun made an appearance for the Grand Prix! Seen above is Webber and Alonso getting intimate and Kamui Kobayashi going for a strike but only knocking down 2 pins.

And finally, as we begin to accept there’s not much more to see, we are shown eventual race winner Mark Webber crossing the line and subsequently celebrating victory for the second time in 3 years. Silverstone hasn’t been kind to its “locals” in the past. Perhaps actually being a local serves as an advantage…

*Probably wasn’t much fun.


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