Race Rating: Silverstone

Silverstone! Home of mud, rain and the Lewis Hamilton fanclub (thousands of people wearing orange caps).

We start with 5/10.

-1 Rain Silverstone had the worst rain since 2000 and it unfortunately resulted in hundreds of spectators being unable to get into the track on Friday, and spectators without pre-bought tickets being asked not to come on Saturday.

+1 Webs Go Webber! No bias here boss!

+1 Pass for the lead It’s not often (especially before 2012!) that we have a genuine battle and the winner decided on track.

+.5 Maldonado Nothing like a bit of controversy, eh? I’m not going to discuss it here, since I’ve got a different take on the incident compared to 99% of the Twitter world.

-.5 Qualifying What happened there? Too wet? Psh, F1 drivers totally suck!

-1 Andy Murray The race’s clash with the Wimbledon final detracted from the spectacle that was Andy Murray crying.

If my maths is good, that’s a painful  6/10. Which is weird, BECAUSE IT FELT SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

Eh, deal with it.

Hey yo Labrinth, this one’s feeling like a STRAIGHT TEN on the Richter Scale y’know…


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