Valencia: Post-race postcard

F1’s most recent expedition yielded crystal balls, another disappointing race for a certain team from Woking, hot weather, French tongue, two almost-rollovers and about one hundred thousand screaming Spaniards.

Sounds decent — and it was. Incredibly, this expedition was widely predicted to be the most boring race of the season, with many (not us… ahem) touting the Valencia street circuit as one of the worst Formula 1 tracks of all time. And to be fair, all 4 previous races held around these same streets didn’t exactly lead anyone to believe it could ever produce a race that could be considered entertaining by F1’s standards. With 2012’s races having heightened everyone’s expectations of how Grands Prix should be, it was going to be a particularly tough ask this time around…

When the flag fell on Sunday afternoon, it was difficult to comprehend just what had happened. Yes, Fernando Alonso won the race, but whatever. More interestingly, the universal praise of what had been a highly entertaining Grand Prix was almost forgiveness for the unprecedented hate this venue had attracted.

It was not only spectacular, but memorable. And some of the races in recent years, even if they were full of action, weren’t quite classics because they were missing the drama. Well, drama’s back, baby. Thanks to Valencia, too… Who’d have thought?

So enjoy our very visual review of the ever-exciting (insert joke here) European Grand Prix in Valencia. Let it serve as a reminder of just how unpredictable F1 is when the next Grand Prix in Valencia is on its way (we don’t know when that is yet).

Unreliability, carnage and an overall high rate of attrition left us with plenty of memories that the mind isn’t likely to let slip through its fingers any time soon.


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