Montréal: Post-race postcard

Montréal is a city that has for the previous two years been home to arguably the most exciting races of their entire respective seasons. But just how Pirelli’s alleged speed-hating tyres were going to impact on the 2012 iteration of the Canadian Grand Prix was a major source of excitement and anticipation during the lead-up to the event.

As it turned out, the race wasn’t particularly entertaining — or at least not by 2012’s high standards — but it did provide the commentators with another opportunity to scream a number which reflected on the count of unique 2012 victors as the flag fell, which has become a 2012-specific tradition of sorts.

Unfortunately for us, the off-track entertainment was lacking, in stark contrast to the 2011 event which featured many celebrities and rain-induced and possibly boredom-related moments of comedy. But then again, when deprived of F1 action for prolonged periods, it doesn’t take much to amuse the caffeine-addled mind of someone crazy enough to still be awake at 4:30 AM. So the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix could learn a lot from its predecessor in the way of appealing to its half-asleep viewers.

There were still some moments worthy of our postcard and, although comedy wasn’t really on anyone’s agenda (there was a big race happening), some of the footage captured by FOM’s lovely television crew brilliantly encapsulated the atmosphere and left us with moments that could be remembered for many years to come, depending on how much F1-related nonsense you’re willing to retain in those memory banks.

You’re probably not looking for an explanation of the above, but if you are, let everything that follows serve as a guide.

For one, the setting is unique in that it’s on a beautiful man-made island, and the helicopter shots are best at highlighting just how much of a logistical nightmare it appears to be for the teams. But we see this every year. What we don’t see every year (we’ve never seen it before, as it happens) is four big men clamouring around the back of Michael Schumacher’s Mercedes attempting to force the DRS flap back to its closed position. It looked like a scene straight out of… something… Something that’s definitely not F1, anyway. But the fact it forced Michael Schumacher into retirement was very much in line with F1 in 2012, so there’s some positive reinforcement for you, fate.

Other highlights included (but weren’t limited to) Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend physically assaulting a table on international television, Sergio Perez being sandwiched in a spectacular battle with a Ferrari and a Mercedes, Andrea Stella looking very surprised by Ferrari’s failed strategy, Romain Grosjean embracing a Lotus team member in an aerial cuddle and, finally — perhaps most importantly — Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel floating around in the Saint Lawrence.

All very interesting stuff, though despite this fact, the weekend will most likely be remembered best for playing host to the Grand Prix that gave us our 7th(!) different winner from as many races in Lewis Hamilton. At long last, some might say.

We hope you gain some sort of visual enjoyment from the postcard!


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