Race Rating: Montréal

Montreal! And apologies if I sound bitter. It’s just that I was expecting a great race, and got let down.  Sort of..

We start with a 5/10

-1 Massa Why Felipe?? Whyyy?! Why must you make me so sad?

+1 Split stategies Alonso attempting (and almost succeeding!) to make it to the end on 1 stop was a great example

-1 DRS When the DRS zone is perfect, it’s bearable. When the DRS Zone isn’t perfect, the race is horrible. When the DRS Zone is horrible, it goes against the nature of competition

+1 Schumacher “The DRS can only fail to the closed position, it cannot get stuck open, impossible” Yep, another DRS-related point… But this one is a little comedic.

This did not happen because it’s impossible

+1 Run to the finish It’s Vettel! No, it’s Hamilton! But wait, is Alonso 2 stopping?  The race was still up for grabs coming into 5 laps to go.

+.5 Some new kids Great to see Grosjean and Perez on the podium! The next generation

Not great. That’s a 6.5

Hopefully we can get some better races soon. Though with Valencia next, I’m not too hopeful.


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