Monaco: Post-race postcard

Not a dollar goes to waste in this place…

Fast cars, fast women, celebrities and crashes. All things that go hand-in-hand with Monaco, Formula 1’s most famous Grand Prix.

Our latest post-race postcard features not just the aforementioned drawcards, but people standing around waiting for rain, champagne, backflips, two flying cars and the top 6 bunched up at the finish. Yes, that’s right, there was a car race amongst all the glamour and excess.

So there you have it. 11 stills taken from various footage shot by FOM’s lovely cameramen and women over the weekend.

Set against the mountainous Mediterranean coastline, Monaco is without doubt one of the most beautiful race tracks Formula 1 visits. But its twisty and tight armco-lined streets offer very little opportunity for passing, as Jenson Button and the top 6 all discovered.

The threat of rain taunted us with the prospect of some chaos to help with the overtaking deficiency, but nothing more than dark and very menacing clouds ever materialised. In fact, it was so dark that the inside of the tunnel was brighter than its surroundings (see picture). You know you’re in trouble when there’s no light at the end- … yeah.

The race may not have been a classic by 2012’s standards, but where it was lacking in overtaking it was more than made up for with nail-biting tension.

To Canada we go!


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