Race Rating: Monaco

Glitz, glamour, rich people and even a car race.. It’s Monaco baby!

We start with a 5/10

+1 Qualifying The first time this year that qualifying has actually worked, with all drivers (bar Vettel) spending as many sets of tyres as possible in order to snag the fastest lap. It was spiced up even more by some over-(and under)achievers. Kovalainen was a highlight, drilling his car as far up the field as it possibly could, almost making it to Q3, whilst Vettel and Button had shocking runs, with both drivers pushing like hell just to get into Q3, which Jenson failed to manage.

+1 Action packed start Everyone knows that the Monaco race start is the most important of the season. Alonso, Hamilton and Grosjean dicing into T1 was great to watch.

-1 Early Exits Grosjean and Kobayashi dropping out early was painful to watch.  Though Kobayashi’s bunny hop was pretty lols.

+1 Top 5 Nose to Tail Basically the whole race! The rain at the end had everyone on their toes. Whilst it may not have looked interesting (with the lack of passing), the drivers were on the edge for the entire 105 Minute race.

Nothing separates the top 6 as Webber leads them to the finish

-1 Maldonado Why? whyyy?! And then you cleaned up De La Rosa before T1.. great work!

+.5 Vergne Go son go! Great work by Jean-Eric to get up to 7th.. Unfortunately the tyre gamble didn’t go his way, but you can’t let that get you down.

+1 WEBBAH! Another winner! A great race by Mark gives him his 2nd win at the principality in 3 years.. Some good Webber quotes as well: When asked about what to do if it rains on race day, he replied with “Just do whatever Button does”. Good stuff

On that note, Well done to Kasey Kahne and Dario Franchitti on their Coke 600 and Indy 500 wins. Great work by Australian drivers as well, with an Aussie on pole at 2 races, and on the front row of all 3.. /bias

If my calculations are correct.. The Monaco GP scored a 7.5/10 Yay! all the races this season are awesome, can’t wait till Montreal!

Special thanks to WTF1 and Charles Dyer

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