Bonjour Monaco! Grand Prix initiates party mode

Monaco baby! It’s Formula 1’s most expensive weekend of the year. Some might even say wasteful…

This is the race where an entire principality spends months transforming itself for a few hours of F1. So how have the teams and drivers been spending the build-up to the big weekend?

To conform with Monaco’s no-expenses-spared attitude, several drivers have made special one-off helmets for the big race.

Groovy, hey?

Kimi Raikkonen and Jean-Eric Vergne are sporting James Hunt and Jean Alesi tribute designs respectively while Charles Pic, Sebastian Vettel (another helmet design?), Fernando Alonso and Romain Grosjean have gone with glamourous redesigns of their usual lids.

The run up to the Monaco Grand Prix is traditionally a marketing frenzy. This year, Lotus are going all-out, having announced new sponsors and celebrating their 500th Grand Prix since joining F1 as Toleman. Their livery has also been modified feature the trademark “angry eyes” from their Finnish driver’s sponsor Angry Birds. Granted, they haven’t gone quite to the lengths Red Bull did in 2005…

Stepped noses have actually proven handy for Lotus…

In other “news” Red Bull have been having fun with the defending world champion, Taki Inoue has been providing Twitter with party updates, and several drivers have been playing football.

Only in Monaco… What a crazy weekend we’re in for!

Images via Lotus F1 Team and Fernando Alonso on Twitter.


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