Race Rating: Barcelona

Wait, who won the race?

Catalunya! Crazy Alonso fans, a regular testing venue, and hot Spanish ladies

We start with a 5/10

+1 Qualifying! Crazy grid! Maldonado on pole, Hamilton off the back, Webber and Button out in Q2, some Lotuses (Loti?) chucked in for variety.

-1 Qualifying Probably the crappest Q3 in history. Maybe we are just spoilt, but when only 6 cars go out for a flying lap, it’s not fun.

+1.5 A new winner! Maldonado! Come on down!

+1 Kobayashi Leeerrroooyyyy!! Kamui showing why he is often seen as the most exciting driver on the grid

+.5 Schumacher Seriously Schumi? He moved in the braking zone? It’s not like you’ve ever done that..

+1 Battle to the finish Maldonado having to hold off Alonso for 20 laps, Kimi coming fast. It was a 21 lap tension-fuelled run to the flag, spurred on by F1 fans around the world counting down the laps!

-1 The Garage Fire A really bad way to finish a GP weekend, especially after taking a victory. It was very lucky that everyone got out OK, and as cliche as it is; it’s great to see every mechanic in pitlane united trying to contain the blaze, inspirational stuff.

+1 Pitstop Woes Everyone screwed up! Hamilton jumped a wheel, Maldonado didn’t get his wheel on, etc, etc.

…and finally…

+1 Williams First win since 2004, great to see the team back at the front! And just after Sir Franks’ birthday.. awesome.

That’s a 10/10! Yeah baby! Awesome race!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia contributor Morio.


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