¡Hola Barcelona! Grand Prix fever hits Spain

Fernando is quite popular in this part of the world…

4 races down, just 16 to go! Yep, that’s correct, an entire 2003 season worth of action remaining…

So, what have we learnt? Not a great deal. Each race has had a different winner and no-one seems to be able to string two good weekends together. 

Well, Mark Webber has been pretty consistent, but the rest of the field can’t make their minds up over whether they’ll battle for victories or over minor point scoring positions this year. It makes for interesting viewing and, so far, it’s fair to say everyone has loved the 2012 season (apart from the last race weekend) and its competitiveness.

So, with predicting a winner out of the question, let’s focus on the off-track antics, shall we?

Mark Webber has been playing tricks in the elevator, Fernando Alonso has been entertaining his enormous fanbase at the track and on Twitter, and Lewis Hamilton has been sighted doing… something… with Jorge Lorenzo!

But the fun wasn’t contained to the drivers’ free time. Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have been poking fun at each other, and, in Fernando’s case, himself, during the press conference on Thursday.

Oh, and there’s going to be a race at some stage this weekend, too. Is Sebastian Vettel back on form? Or will we see the 5th different winner in as many races on Sunday? Whatever you do, don’t ask us for answers!

Photo courtesy of Fernando Alonso


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