Shanghai: Post-race postcard

Sebastian Vettel catching up on his favourite novel in the cockpit, Bruno Senna steering the wrong way as he rounds turn 1, Fernando Alonso with yet another pair of sunglasses, and the coolest mobile phone case in the world. Just a few of the highlights from Formula 1’s annual visit to Shanghai.

Time for the second instalment of Post-race postcard, the feature where we look back on the Grand Prix weekend in the least serious manner possible!

Unfortunately, the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix didn’t provide us with a lengthy red flag period, so the attention of FOM’s cameramen/women was focused on the racing for the most part. Fortunately, there were a few slightly tickling moments that made the cut for our pictorial review.

This week, we were treated to a fine display from Nico Rosberg as he won his first race. Exciting, yes, but it’s not exactly amusing, is it? Traditionally, the entire Chinese Grand Prix weekend isn’t all that amusing, but we gave it our best shot…

Also featured in our postcard is Hamilton and Massa’s 103rd battle in 12 months, a very guilty looking Mercedes mechanic (it was the fault of whoever gave Michael the green light, to be fair!), and Mark Webber soaring above the kerbs at 300km/h. Yep, seriously, he’s been at it again.

Did you have a favourite moment from the Chinese Grand Prix? Did anything in particular make you laugh or even induce a slight chuckle? Not at all? Well, if you did, make sure you share your thoughts below!


One thought on “Shanghai: Post-race postcard

  1. VET: “Will Edward FINALLY sleep with Bella? Will he, won’t he? Ahhh… It’s killing me…”
    SEN: “Understeer, oversteer, whatever, I’ll do it my waaaaay.”
    (what, this isn’t a caption competition?)

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