Race Rating: Shanghai

Round 3 baby! Smog, crazy fans, another jumbled up leaderboard and some fantastic wheel to wheel racing… 

We start with a 5 out of 10:

Cute ?

+1 NORRBERRRTTTT!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
+.5  The Sky Buildup It never ends! Seriously, 2 (?) hours of pre-race coverage was an immense amount, one which the entire sky crew should be proud of. This also provided a source of one of my biggest “wut?” moments of the weekend. A couple of fellow F1Fanatics (who shall remain nameless, mwaha), started complaining about too much F1. Wait, what? Too much F1? don’t you already dedicate 3/4 of your life to it? jeeeez
-1 The Saubers disappearing After dropping the cars right near the pointy end of the grid, both Kobayashi and Perez then proceeded to drop backwards almost instantly, then playing a very small role in the race
+2 Battles Hamilton v Webber, Alonso v Raikkonen, Hamilton v Massa, Raikkonen v Webber, Hamilton v Webber, Hamilton v Webber again..
+1 Some classic Brundlisms “I haven’t been this disappointed since Shrek 2!”
+.5 Webber doing what he does best Seriously.. If anyone could be a pilot..

Clear for take-off

+.5 Soooo many cars
Nothing like a 12 car conga-line all the way into the final 10 laps! A seriously close race

China 2012 is rated a 9.5/10 (again..)

But how did you rate the Chinese Grand Prix? Let us know below in the comments!


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