Umm of the week: Kings will be kings

It’s Friday, which marks the end of the working week! Well, for some it does… How was your week, by the way? Wait, really? In that case, you’ll be pleased to learn we’ve recently employed an agony au– …actually, no we haven’t, we’re an F1 blog, supposedly.

Anyway! We hear plenty of wonderful quotes throughout an F1 week, so it’s only fitting that we, the self-appointed masters of ‘umming’ and ‘aaahing’ choose the most professionally executed sentence (or three) from someone F1-related and give it the recognition it deserves. Each Friday, we’re going to be presenting our weekly feature entitled… Umm of the week

The first recipient of our Umm of the week isn’t going to be too phased by the fact this award isn’t worth a dime. They have plenty already. And dollars. And Euros. And all other currencies. But that’s besides the point!

So, if you’d kindly envisage a drumroll, we’ll get on with announcing our winner. Congratulations to… Bernie Ecclestone! What a shocker, right?

Funny story, actually. The Bahrain Grand Prix was officially confirmed by the FIA this morning, and Bernie met with the teams to let them know just how they were going to feel about the decision. When he addressed the media afterwards, he came out with this diplomat-in-training gem:

“All the teams are happy to be there. There’s nothing happening. I know people who live there and it’s all very quiet and peaceful.” — Bernie Ecclestone

Umm… Nice one Bernie! Speaking for his vassals (we know them as the teams) and setting the record straight once and for all. Ah, not only true to form, but also ironic given the exact same approach has been adopted by the Bahraini monarch. Kings will be kings…

Sex sells, according to Bernie. We've also learnt this week that you can sell a race despite political unrest, violence and human rights issues.

Oh, and we nearly forgot; an honourable mention goes to… well, it would seem Bernie once more. This time for his sexist comments following Susie Wolff’s appointment at Williams earlier in the week. Who da man? You da man, Bernie, definitely.


2 thoughts on “Umm of the week: Kings will be kings

  1. Lol. Definitely agree although somehow I’d missed his sexist comments about Susie until now but I can’t say he’s surprised me with either issue.

  2. You don’t say, José. Bernie Ecclestumm, Ummonarch of all kinds of wrong. He’s going for dem records, I tell you.

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