Ni Hao Shanghai! F1 lands in China

Hey look! It’s that guy from the meme!

Formula 1’s eastern odyssey continues this weekend, as the teams and drivers embark on the next chapter of their yearly adventure; Shanghai.

Having only arrived earlier in the week, it didn’t take long for everyone to get settled in, and there’s already been plenty of action for the drivers. 

Mark Webber was earlier atop a skyscraper overlooking the thick blanket of smog (you can also see the city if you look carefully) we’ll likely be greeted with at the track, Lewis Hamilton got to meet Yao Ming, while Sebastian Vettel was busy practising his moves…

Sebastian getting tips from the experts…

…and the result! (May be Photoshopped)

Away from the track, fans have been putting their imagination to good use as well.

Easter-holiday-fever has taken over, and an F1 fan with creativity superior to most has managed to find the angry Italian Easter bunny that Hermann Tilke had so cleverly kept secret… until now!

Don’t even try to tell us you saw that beforehand…

Let’s hope the journey continues down this route of slightly “atypical” encounters. But it’s probably safe to say this will be making bigger news for the new few days…

Let’s hope Lotus don’t mention Caterham again this week. Or F1 humour websites. Or bloggers.

Images courtesy of Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull Racing and Trix.


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