Testing Predictions Pt 2: The Average


Alright, now for those midfielders! 


Seriously, if there was one team that I forgot about in 2011, it was Mercedes. I mean, they did alright, but just.. mediocre. Hopefully their 2012 car will be a little more distinctive. The Silver is very Mercedes, but it isn’t very flashy, Especially when up against the shiny Mclaren, the fiery Ferrari and the sleek Renault. They could go to a more flashy livery, but then it wouldn’t be demonstrating “german effviishensee” would it? As for the car, as long as it hasn’t got the shark fin intake I’m happy. The release (going against every german stereotype known to man) is happening just before the start of the 2nd test. Which means yes, they are late, Unfashionably late. They’re not even HRT. NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Renault Lotus

In 2012 Dany Bahar’s in control of Lotus. Bahar’s known for bringing the fun back into F1, and what better way of bringing the fun than initiating a legal battle over their team name. As if that wasn’t fun enough, Kimi Raikkonen’s returning! Bringing the party!


You know what? It’s been 2 weeks since testing started! got a little lazy writing that article.. anyway, the cars have been released, and they’re butt-ugly. Imagine a flathead getting his nose chomped off by a giant tigershark, That’s about how the front ends look. But hey! F1! that’s pretty cool huh? how can it go wrong!?


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