Testing Predictions Pt 1: The Front Runners

Formula 1 is just around the corner, and no-one knows who’s doing what! But it didn’t stop us from trying to predict the running order… 

Just 2 weeks until testing begins. Wow that off-season went quick! Almost as quick as Vincenzo Sospiri’s entire career! Actually, let’s just calculate that one for a second..

  • Vincenzo Sospiri: March 9th 1997 – March 30th 1997
  • 2011/2012 F1 Off-Season: November 27th 2011 – March 18th 2012

Looks like I was wrong about that one.. Anyway, testing predictions!

Red Bull

First thing’s first, the car is going to look exactly like the 2011 car. Adrian “Amazing” Newey OBE doesn’t need to build a new car when he has this space shuttle lying around in the backyard. Anyway, Red Bull’s budget “woes” of early 2011 seem to have disappeared (remember those?). Add in the healthy wad of cash I’m sure they would’ve received from winning the championship and RedBull may have some money to burn when it comes to Releasing their 2012 Car. My prediction relies on a couple of live bulls, a gigantic sound system and a carton of fireworks. You can figure the rest out yourself.


Good things need to come out of Mclaren in 2011.. Actually, good things need to come out of all the chasing teams! redbull owned them all. Mclaren will be launching their car on the 1st of February, a week before the 1st test. How will they launch? nobody knows. We do know that Mclaren like to play around with some funky Release Venues. After utilising some unpaid german package movers (budget cap anyone?) in 2011, i’m expecting Mclaren to go even more out there in 2012, or.. maybe even less out there in 2012.. heck, i have no idea. The only thing i want is a release in space, and it seems like noone’s planned that yet. Ferrari?


Well, that Space release could happen in 2012! Depends if Luca Montezumazumazemelo can eke some more cashmooonays out of FOM. Ferrari’s going to release their car on the friday before the first test. This gives them time to launch the car, return to the International Space Station, catch a flight to earth and still gets them home in time to grab a quick drink and a pizza on sunday night. If that space thingo doesn’t work, we might see Ferrari releasing their car live over the webernets to everyone (like 2011), but where’s the fun in that? Car wise, apparently they’re building a car more “aggressive” than in 2011. Whether this will include spikes and shark teeth on the front wing remains to be confirmed.


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